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Stake Trivia Wednesdays

Register for our next game right here.

Check out the video below to learn more about gameplay.


1. There's no cost to play - it's free!

2. Each week we'll publish a link to register for the next week's game in our daily newsletter, Stake Your Day. 

3. Once you've registered you'll receive a confirmation email. On the day of the game pull up the email and click the JOIN button. You can join up to 10 minutes ahead of our 7PM ET start time.

4. We play 2 rounds - a main round of 10 questions and a bonus round with one question. 

5. Prizes will be announced weekly in advance of the game. Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each round

6. We use MyQuiz for gameplay. You can find out more information about the platform here.

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